Techniques for playing bounce to make money

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Playing cards that bounce. Although the rules of play are very simple. To play each eye only takes 2-3 minutes, but playing bounce to get money. That requires some techniques to help. As a guarantee that the wallet will not wither than before We have summarize the techniques of playing bounce.

Friends can apply them as appropriate. Let’s see.

Win 2 – 3 payout rates when given the opportunity. 

Taking into account that The dealer will still have to draw because 5-6 points still have the right to lose more money. Usually if the dealer has 7 points, they will draw them all, but if between 5-6 points it will take a long time to decide. The dealer will look at the situation. If there are many people The dealer has definitely lost money. And Kham Pok, most of them will draw. Because there is nothing to lose This is considered a battle of heartbreak. สมัคร UFABET

Play more than 1 leg to increase the chances for ourselves, for example, if one leg of the card is good. The other leg has a chance to win. We can risk drawing in case of getting better points. Because the other leg we have for sure. Or in the other case is that both cards are not good. We can choose to be in a better leg. and draw only the legs that are actually needed

The more the number of players will be more difficult to win. Because there are only 4 cards of the same rank. The chances of the cards being scattered among other people’s hands are high. Change to focus on winning straight cards (Same flower) has a higher chance. There are 13 cards in a set with the same flower.

If there are a lot of people playing, if we get 6-7 points, we can wait to collect money. Even if it’s just one fight, you have the right to win. Because there are more people, it will be more difficult to enter. Both the player’s side and the banker If we choose to wait for the 3rd card to be 8-back or 9-back, it will be difficult.

Determine the budget that will be played with every time. For example, if you get this amount, you will quit if you lose this amount. Because playing poker has a matter of luck involved. If today we are not good Should stop playing first, don’t force it, there is always a chance next time.

All of these are techniques. Play Pokdeng to earn money that we bring to our friends to try Even if it’s just a broad guide but can be used in practice.

Because playing poker or other cards, we have to analyze both our own side and the opposite side as well.