Bent lifts ‘Singha’ to win the EPL title

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Former England striker Darren Bent believes Chelsea could be the “black horse” to win the Premier League this season. and praised Graham Potter for doing an impressive job.

Last month, Potter replaced Thomas Tuchel’s role at the Blues and started off three straight Premier League wins

, a performance that saw Chelsea climb. Ranked up to 4th in the table, 8 points from the crowd, Arsenal, playing less than 1 game

, although not long in charge, but Bent believes Potter has a chance to win the league. Since their first season at Chelsea,

“Chelsea can of course be the Premier League champions, they are one of the teams contending for the title,” Bent told UFABET .

“They just have to do what they are doing right now. And continue to win, if you can. They will reduce the distance of the points. Until people say ‘Wow, Chelsea is here’,”

“Potter can call the performances from the players, they’re the best team in the league, unfortunately it looks like Reese. James is going to be out of the field for a lot of games

.” “

If you watched the Villa game, you’d say Chelsea weren’t in their best form, they both scored goals. Two goals from opponent goal mistakes “

You can see that Potter’s plan was a little different from Tuchel.”

“In the first moment Potter came in, He reminds me of Tuchel in terms of defensive play. But they both differ in their attacking methods and their relationship with the team.”

“A lot of what Potter is doing will make the Chelsea fans extremely happy and I think Chelsea are not even in top form yet. But you can see that form is coming in the future.”