JK stands by ‘Mo Salah’, does not ignore the substitution

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp insists Mo Salah did not disobey the substitution order. But he and the great spearhead Discuss the role change in the game. Aftermath Big Match The Reds beat Manchester City 1-0 on Sunday night

, that game as Klopp made three straight substitutions mid-second. There was confusion, and it turned out that Salah’s name was about to be replaced.

Then there were pictures of Salah having a conversation with Klopp. The person who was substituted was Harvey Elliott.

After the game, reporters immediately asked the Reds boss about the matter. Klopp confirmed that He talked to Salah about tactics. And the substitution sign was the mistake of the staff.

“I find this question interesting. Tell me what you think about it,” Klopp replied.

“You think when you see the number 11 raised, then Mo has to be substituted. But he came up to me and said he didn’t want to leave the pitch

? What’s the logical explanation for this? Yes, it’s just the substitution sign number is wrong.” the UFABET report

“I want to talk to Mo. because his role had to change Darwin was switched down and Mo had to play the number 10 role around Darwin. And for Darwin to run from behind, Mo was disappointed when he saw the sign held up. At first I didn’t know the sign was raised to the wrong number. When I saw it, we changed it to the right one.”