Lampard disappointed with first-half performance in defeat

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Everton boss Frank Lampard has urged players to keep fighting. And there’s still a lot to learn. After the 2-1 defeat to Manchester United  in the last Premier League game.

“Taffy Blue” took the lead early in the game from Alex Iwobi, but lost two goals in a row from Anthony and Cristiano Ronaldo and made Everton lose. For the first time in the last 7 games

“Today we have learned many lessons. It’s all about the lack of sharpness in our game. Which we’ve been able to do before but I believe we can improve it. We have to work together to make sure we don’t make this kind of mistake in the long run.” the UFABET report

“From the team’s point of view I think we lost the game in the first half. Our performance against Manchester United is a game that if we miss we will be punished immediately. which is what we let it happen And it’s extremely disappointing. Good start to the game Gain an advantage in the game But we can’t maintain it. In the second half we did better. But I wasn’t really happy with the performance in the first 45 minutes, which was better in the second half. I saw the spirit of the team. And unfortunately we ended up losing.”

Lampard also spoke of Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s return to action for the first time this season. The team’s key striker still needs more time on the field. After several months of absence from the team

“He was ready to play but not available from the first minute of the game. But getting it back is a good thing. He still needs game time to get fit. We all know his quality. He can definitely help the team. if he is in perfect condition.”

Everton’s next game is against Spurs in the Premier League on 15 October 2022.