What is the difference between shooting techniques for small fish and big fish?

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Gamers tend to choose to shoot big fish to grab a lot of credits at a time, but it’s actually difficult to kill big fish. Compared to shooting small fish with small bullets, it is easier to accumulate credits. Beginners who have not yet mastered the shot should be wary of using large calibers which drastically cut the credit. Not shooting accurately also wastes ammo and doesn’t get more points.
For newbies playing fish shooting games that are still not aiming to shoot accurately. Try this trick to turn the barrel around the screen and pull the trigger to fire continuously, one shot at a time so that each shot is unique. In order not to waste ammunition in vain when the fish died from the first shot. Another shot is not necessary and should be better used as a chance to kill the next fish. For aiming big fish, you must pay attention to the ammunition as well. Will use 2 or 3 rounds at a time, depending on the timing and accuracy of each person. สมัคร UFABET

Bullet bounce or ricochet direction how to play for money

Techniques for shooting fish games,   let the bullet bounce from the edge of the game screen back to the fish. means not aiming directly at the fish but shot to ricochet to hit the fish This is a trick that most shooter gamers practice a lot, as it relies on one straight shot and another ricochet to kill a big fish with two bullets at the same time. Of course, this technique is not easy to play. Just hitting the edge of the screen doesn’t mean it will bounce directly to the fish. The angle must be correct. If the angle of incidence is incorrect, there is a chance that the ricochet won’t hit the fish. If you’re skilled, you’ll only need a few rounds of ammunition to make it easier for the fish to die. The position of the fish being shot is also important. If a bullet penetrates the grenade head, the fish will die instantly. But if it hits other parts, it may bounce off or not shoot in.